Calm Elegance

architects multiPlan arhitekti
project Viewing Platform in the Finish-Line Area for Rowing Competitions, Velika Zaka, Bled, Slovenia
written by Aleš Vodopivec


The spectator stands in the finish-line area for rowing competitions in Velika Zaka in Bled, the work of Aleš Žnidaršič, Katja Žlajpah, and Primož Grabnar, are the result of a competition project that won one of two first prizes in 2008. The competition was announced for several buildings intended for the 2011 World Rowing Championships, as well as for the landscaping of the lake’s shoreline. The stands, of modest dimensions to tell the truth, are in a cultural sense an extremely significant intervention in the natural environment of Bled which has a global reputation as one of the most significant and beautiful arenas for rowing competitions.