Ordinary White House

architects Peter Gabrijelčič, Boštjan Gabrijelčić
project Suha House, Škofja Loka, Slovenia
written by Andrija Rusan

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Suha House is an ‘ordinary’ house. It is a part of a complex consisting of several traditional structures that were a farm until recently. Today, it is a residence for people with modern-day responsibilities and lifestyles. The architectural tradition can be seen in the volumes, gable roofs and remains of unchanged details on adjacent houses, in relationships between the existing houses... It is obvious that the architects thought well and hard before they created a replacement structure like this.

The volume of their new structure is trying to replace the old house in terms of location and with adequate size, and at the same time it is trying to create a new value that will in all its characteristics be similar to the modern understanding of the design and function of such a house. The new structure constructs a micro-public unit in a new way, but at the same time succeeds in creating its own intimate world. Suha House is a modern, ‘refined’ version of traditional construction, with enough respectful distance towards the existing situation. The amount of self-discipline in this design method is really commendable. The intention to create a signature structure, while at the same time paying respect to the existing creations, is a praiseworthy act today. At moments, at a time when the media (mostly the Internet!) is ruled by expressive projects, this house reassures us that there is still ‘regular’ architecture, with ‘regular’ and simple floor plans, cross sections, details, with a pleasant atmosphere, suitable for ‘regular’ people with everyday needs for work, life, comfort, socializing, intimacy...