Danko Stjepanović: Balkrishna Doshi - Mother Tongue

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text author Deepak Unnikrishnan
quotations Balkrishna Doshi
photographs Danko Stjepanović
language English

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Year: XX - 2017
Language: Croatian, English
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Catalogue from the exhibition by photographer Danko Stjepanović titled Balkrishna Doshi: Mother Tongue which was on view from 18 June - 30 August 2019.

Stjepanović’s prints offer traces of other languages in play. There is the language of stillness, where Doshi's buildings, emptied of people, at peace, inhale and exhale light and shadow. Then there is the language of direction, where Doshi the architect has anticipated where people may converge, how they move around or in-between spaces, through light, past time and traffic, weather and smoke. There are surprises too, present in the language of expectation, where windows appear smaller than they are required to be, or the way spaces play with angles, colour, furniture and people. Make no mistake, Stjepanović walked these buildings, in search of order, possibly logic of thought. He came away introspective, almost knowing less, not more. His pictures offer further evidence of such reflection. Through them the photographer suggests, as Doshi has also claimed, that these buildings are not inert. They feel alive, ripe with history, stories and mischief. They also feel like spaces that are hard to categorize. Such disruption of order, juxtaposed against long-term definitions of what university grounds, dwellings and office spaces are supposed to look like, feels purposeful.

- from the foreword, Deepak Unnikrishnan

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