Smiljan Radic - Ilustraciones

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Catalogue from Smiljan Radiy's exhibition Ilustraciones which was on view in Oris House of Architecture from 17 October to 6 November 2016.

text authors Vera Grimmer
dim. 5 x 208 x 260 mm
language Croatian / English
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The models of works such as The Castle of the Selfish Giant, House for the Poem for the Right Angle, The Boy Hidden in the Egg, etc. were presented.
In the works of Smiljan Radić the themes appear and disappear to return again, as in a piece of music. His chamber music is sometimes so quiet that it cannot be heard at all; not louder than the footsteps in the dark, but then it suddenly breaks out in the fortissimo of the harmony of heavy granite rocks. His works, although homogenous on the whole, constantly oscillate between the opposites: durability and ephemerality, strength and fragility; abstract and concrete, habitable and uninhabitable. 
Vera Grimmer - catalogue of the exhibition