Images of Ivan (Giovanni)

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Images of Ivan (Giovanni)

text author Nenad Fabijanić
dim. 260 x 209 x 10 mm, 120 p.
language Croatian/English

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The publication is based on the centenary of the birth of the great Croatian architect Ivan Vitić (1917) and presents a dialogue with Vitić and a creative interpretation of his oeuvre. Professor Fabijanic's text communicates analytically and inspiringly with Vitić's legacy and brings a new look to this rich work. The title Pictures by John (Giovanni) humorously and ambiguously hints at the theme of the interpretation of Vitić's capital projects. Nenad Fabijanić selects four projects by Ivan Vitić and responds creatively to them, as an architect and visual artist. The first picture gives a detailed analysis and presentation of the project of the Hotel Jadran in Šibenik. The second image is a representation and analysis of the famous project of a residential building in Laginjina Street in Zagreb, followed by the third image - the author's adaptation of the apartment on the 7th floor of Vitić's skyscraper in Laginjina, signed by Nenad Fabijanić, which testifies to the incredible transformative potential and timeliness of the Vitić project . The adaptation or interpretation of the apartment is illustrated with photographs by Damir Fabijanić. The fourth and final image deals with the so-called. The building of the former headquarters of the central committees of the Union of Communists of Croatia and the Union of Youth of Croatia and the Main Committee of the Socialist Union of the Working People of Croatia, and one of the most monumental examples of Croatian high modernism. Fabijanić proposes the renovation and conversion of the now-neglected and devastated building to the new seat of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. By analyzing the spatial possibilities of the building, as well as the possibility of its metamorphosis, Fabijanić enters into an authorial and creative dialogue with Ivan Vitić.