Jagoda Buić: Asynchronous equilibrium

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author Tonko Maroević
contributing authors Luciano Caramel, Mildred Constantin, Gillo Dorfles, Miroslav Gašparović, Damir Grubiša, Tonko Maroević, Predrag Matvejević, Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Jacques Lassaigne, Pierre Restany, Werner Schmalenbach, Zoran Kržišnik
dim. 298 x 240 x 24 mm, 256 p.  
language Italian

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publishers Oris d.o.o. and Oris House of Architecture
catalog concept Jagoda Buić
editor-in-chief Luka Jerković
design and layout Jagoda Buić
photographers Vedran Benovic, Jean Bernard, Maria Braut, Massimo Brega, Srecko Budek, Toso Dabac, Damir Fabijanic, Luka Jerkovic, Damil Kalogjera, Mario Krishtofic, Nino Lo Duca, André Morain, Vice Rossini
Rome’s Museo MAXXI have collaborated with Oris to create this retrospective of the esteemed Croatian artist, Jagoda Buić. A prominent figure in the ‘New Tapestry’ movement, Buićhas been working since 1965 addressing traditional techniques but infusing them with a contemporary pulse. This style of work is derived from her education in modern design and from working closely with traditional female weavers from her home country. Her work is celebrated for its oxymoronic qualities: flamboyancy and simplicity, tradition and contemporary. Buić finds harmonies between them thus creating an Asynchronous Equilibrium.