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An Oris Publication - Hotel Lone

text author Maroje Mrdulijaš, Ivana Borovnjak, Marko Golub, Jelena Mihelčić, Silva Kalčić, Sanja Cvetnić, Sandra Križić Roban, Sanja Cvjetko Jerković  
dim. 260 x 210 x 10 mm, 222 p.
language Croatian/English

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Hotel Lone is a unique design hotel in Croatia which represents a design-focused synergy of functionality, harmony and elegance.
This Oris publication draws attention upon all aspects used to create the luxury 5 star hotel ‘Lone’. A series of interviews across the whole creative team featuring graphic and interior designers, advertising and marketing, artist installations and textile and landscape designers. The interview’s concentrate on each teams’ design journey and how each brings their own style to create a harmonic environment. Other topics discussed include the relation between architecture and tourism in Croatia.