Oris Roca award

RCR Arquitectes

Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta have never left the magical volcanic landscape of Girona, nor have they given up on their basic architectural search for life truths and values. Their answers are not in spectacular forms of richness of diverse materials and technologies, but lie in the splendour of the world around us. Their wondrous objects and harmonised minimal interventions into the natural landscape above all create atmospheres for life. Their architecture does not set boundaries in the enviroment - its perforated and fragmented membranes, glazing and fluid reflections achieve the fusion of a defied human artefact and unpredictable nature. Abstract objects bordering on the material captivate the observer, provoke a physical experience, inspire feelings, but also require an intellectual and perceptive effort. We cannot comprehend the works of RCR Arquitectes by means of rational analysis - they possess an inexpressible and inexplicable quality of architecture that astounds us and overwhelms our emotions; a gift given only to the few.