Valerio Olgiati's oeuvre holds a specific place among significant contributions of Swiss architects to contemporary architecture. His autochthons and unique oeuvre reveals his intention to create meaningful buildings that will have a specific influence on human lives, their desires and dreams.
Olgiati’s architectural expressions show freedom and independence, especially freedom from contextuality – they are non-referential, a term Olgiati defines in his theoretical introspections.
Olgiati’s continuous and whole oeuvre is as precise as a mathematical equation and defined by the radical clarity of thought and execution. It is not unambiguous but shows creative dichotomies, which requires precise interpretation. The homogeneity of the whole process is apparent: from plans, subtle graphics that are read as texts, to realised results.
There are no references to the context or connections to trends and fashions. Independent architectural expressions of Valerio Olgiati stand as outstanding and unique forms in their environments.

Vera Grimmer, Maroje Mrduljaš, Andrija Rusan, Ante Nikša Bilić, Tadej Glažar.